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Upcoming Events | Historical Walking Tour of Worth Avenue | Worth Avenue

Worth Avenue is world renowned for high end shopping and has a fascinating history.  This season take the time to take a walking tour of Worth Avenue. Even long time residents will enjoy strolling Worth Ave and learning the history of this iconic Palm Beach location.

Starts next month, November 25th, 2015 through April 27th, 2016.

The Worth Avenue Association is proud to continue the tradition — Mr. Rick Rose leads a fun and informative tour on every (non-holiday) Wednesday from November 25th, 2015 through April 27th, 2016.

Lasting approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, the tours cover much of the history of Worth Avenue, including its architectural importance, the influence on the fashion world and the development of the legendary social scene that established Palm Beach as America’s first resort destination during the gilded age.

Meet Mr. Rose and fellow visitors at 11 a.m. at 256 Worth Avenue, Via Amore, across from Tiffany & Co. and Chanel.

The cost of the tour is $10 per person, with net proceeds benefitting PALM BEACH ZOO (www.palmbeachzoo.org).  No reservations.  Free two-hour parking along Worth Avenue or paid parking at Apollo parking lot behind Tiffany & Co.  For more information, visit www.worth-avenue.com, 659.6909.

Breakers Reef | Breakers Hotel Reef Snorkeling Site |

The Breakers Reef in Palm Beach is the remains of an old pier in front of the Breakers Hotel. In 1895, Captain J. D. Ross was commissioned to build the 1,000-foot pier from concrete, wood and steel. The pier’s existence came to an end in 1928, when it was demolished by a hurricane.

Today, the Breakers Reef is an easy reef to swim to, but getting to the entry point is where you need to pay close attention. Once you arrive on the beach in front of the hotel, we recommend entering the water south of the Breakers Reef. This is due to the current that pushes north.

The Breakers Reef is about 150 feet out, parallel to the south edge of the hotel building.